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Brian Doyle

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01 Apr 2016
320 pages - 210 x 139 x 28mm


On the last day of summer, a young college grad moved to Chicago and rented a small apartment on the north side of the city, by the lake. This is the story of the five seasons he lived there, during which he meets gangsters, gamblers, policemen, a brave and garrulous bus driver, a cricket player, a librettist, his first girlfriend, a shy apartment manager, and many other riveting souls, not to mention a wise and personable dog of indeterminate breed.

A love letter to Chicago, the Great American City, and a wry account of a young man's coming of age during the one summer in White Sox history when they had the best outfield in baseball, Chicago is a novel that will plunge you into a city you will never forget, and may well wish to visit for the rest of your days.

MARTIN MARTEN ISBN 9781250045201 and THE PLOVER ISBN 9781250062451
A coming-of-age story set in Chicago, from the beloved author of Mink River.

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