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Celebritrees: Historic and Famous Trees of the World

Margi Preus, Rebecca Gibbon

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01 Apr 2016
40 pages - 279 x 215 x 3mm

Some trees have lived many lifetimes, standing as silent witnesses to history. Some are remarkable for their age and stature; others for their usefulness. A bristlecone pine tree in California is over 4,000 years old; and a major oak in England was used as a hiding place for Robin Hood and his men (or so the story goes…). The fourteen trees in this book have earned the title "Celebritrees" for their global fame and significance. Both in fact and in legend, these fascinating trees remind us not only how much pleasure trees bring, but what they can tell us about history. Charming folk-inspired illustrations bring the stories behind these famous trees to life.

This beautifully illustrated picture book profiles fourteen trees with global history and significance.

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