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Caketopia: Your Guide to Decorating Buttercream Cakes with Flair

Sheri Wilson

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Paperback (BC)
13 Dec 2021
Page Street Publishing
192 pages - 229 x 197 x 16mm


Don’t just bake a cake; bake a cake that will make heads turn and jaws drop! In this incredible collection of tutorials, cake queen and Instagram star Sheri Wilson shows you how to re-create her signature, out-of this-world cake designs at home with confidence. Sheri’s cakes are truly works of art, and these 30 tutorials cover everything from electric neon designs, to punky midnight black decor, to cakes adorned with exotic gems and painted in delicate florals. And with each decorating project broken down step by step, along with photographs for a helpful visual guide, you’ll follow along with ease and get showstopping results time and time again. Use vibrant buttercreams to paint an elegant stained-glass scene in the La Vie en Rose cake. Pipe cute, fruity designs in the hot pink Strawberry Patch cake—complete with yummy strawberry filling and cake layers! Sheri’s famous Midnight Black Buttercream comes together with genius sprinkle art to create the edgy Sprinkle Sugar Skull cake. Use stencils to form the animal print on the rainbow Neon Leopard Print cake, and fun chocolate molds to build the rocky, gold-tinted Rose Quartz Geode cake, filled with delectable Pistachio Buttercream! Sheri shares all her best tips and tricks to help you master key techniques, like how to get the perfect consistency of buttercream, create a professional smooth finish and nail the ganache drip. She also reveals her tested-and-perfected recipes for moist cakes, fluffy frostings and all sorts of delicious fillings, so you have everything you need right at your fingertips. With Sheri’s unstoppable imagination and keen eye for detail, Caketopia will be your all-in-one resource for decorating glamorous cakes for years to come.
In this creative and beautiful collection, an Instagram-beloved cake decorator teaches home bakers how to replicate her signature cake designs with step-by-step tutorials.
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