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Build Your Own Beekeeping Equipment

Tony Pisano

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01 May 2013
Storey Publishing
168 pages - 276 x 216mm

Beekeepers keep bees for three reasons: bees are pollinators and their presence increases a garden's productivity; there is a fascination with how they live, collect food and colonise; and they produce honey.

Build Your Own Beekeeping Equipment offers 35 building projects for everything from hive components to frames to swarm catchers, all illustrated with step-by-step instructions. Many require only simple hand tools and can be made using recycled materials at a fraction of the price charged in stores.

Beekeeping continues to gain popularity among not only rural people living self sufficiently but also urban dwellers, which means there are more beekeepers who are interested in pursing a more self sufficient, hands-on lifestyle. With this comprehensive guide, they will learn the skills they need to build their own equipment.

Homegrown Honey Bees.

The perfect companion to general beekeeping guides, this is the only book on building the equipment every beekeeper needs. With step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to build hive components, various styles of hives and winter protection, it is the go-to guide for resourceful DIYers. All it takes to get started is a little building know-how, a few readily available tools and this book!

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