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Books Make Me Happy: My First Reading Log

Judy Pelikan

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01 Jan 2010
207 x 165 x 16mm
Instill a lifelong love of reading in children. Created by Judy Pelikan, "Books Make Me Happy" is the perfect gift for a beginning reader, an interactive journal that encourages reading. It begins where classroom reading logs end - title, author, and illustrator - and offers prompts that knit the bond between story and reader more deeply, such as 'My favourite part of the book was...' and 'I will recommend this book to a friend because'. There are fill-ins where kids can list their favourite books, draw scenes from a story, and write about the pleasures they get from reading. Throughout are full-colour embroidered illustrations based on real children's drawings about their love of books. Also included are five pages of stickered bookplates that kids can customize and use to personalize their own books.

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