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Big Box of Boynton Set 2!

Sandra Boynton

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Board book
01 May 2014
72 pages - 146 x 159 x 50mm

Packed with pleasure, this set, along with its companion boxed set, comprises what might be called the essential Boynton library: A bright package housing fan favourites from the line of Boynton on Board books is a feast for little eyes and ears: A mama doggie expresses her endless love for her puppy in Snuggle Puppy! A family of hippopotamuses flaunt their round belly buttons with pride (some with the help of teeny bikinis) in Belly Button Book! And some cute kitties help you turn that frown upside down with the help of a good tickle in Tickle Time! Filled with Boynton’s trademark humour, whimsy, and charm, these three irresistible, bestselling titles are perfect for reading aloud and introducing a young child to the world of books.

9780761130673 Snuggle Puppy, 9780761168836 Tickle Time, 9780761137993 Belly Button Book, 9780761139898 Big Box of Boynton

Three of Workman’s bestselling Boynton board books—Snuggle Puppy!, Belly Button Book!, and Tickle Time!—in one bright giftable slipcase. A lively companion to the original Big Box of Boynton.

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