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Beer for All Seasons: A Through-the Year Guide to What to Drink and When to Drink It.

Randy Mosher

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01 Apr 2015
Storey Publishing
192 pages - 216 x 165 x 18mm

Randy Mosher has helped elevate beer to the status of a fine beverage.  In this book he leads the reader on a delightful tour of beer tasting opportunities.  Arranged by season, the book guides readers through all the beer events of the year – summer fests, Craft Beer Week, Oktoberfest, and seasonal beer releases.  For each season, Mosher also discusses the best beers to drink with holiday foods and every type of seasonal food.  With all that in an accessible format and accompanied by fun facts and beer lore, A Beer for All Seasons is sure to be on every beer over’s wish list.

Tasting Beer 9781603420891

The ultimate guide for beer lovers who savour their favourite beverage year-round, with suggestions for the best seasonal beers, along with beer-related events and festivals

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