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Authentic Indian Cooking with Your Instant Pot: Classic and Innovative Recipes for the Home Cook

Vasanti Bhadkamkar-Balan

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Paperback (BC)
13 Dec 2021
Page Street Publishing
168 pages - 229 x 197 x 10mm


Bring the complex flavours and alluring aromas that are the benchmarks of Indian cooking into your kitchen with this diverse collection of mouthwatering recipes. Vasanti leverages the benefits of the Instant Pot to elevate your favourite dishes, imparting layers of flavor to beloved masalas and curries in less time than the traditional preparation. These recipes save you hours of marinating meats and simmering stews, making elaborate Indian dishes accessible for everyone—even on a weeknight. Vasanti’s Indian heritage and smart techniques are reflected in every recipe, whether you’re after an authentic dal or a fresh spin on popular street foods. And the wide array of flavours is as varied as the country itself, encompassing the rich traditions of different regions. Best of all, many of the dishes include variations that let you tailor them to your diet or preferences, stretching the number of recipes to way beyond what’s in the table of contents. With chapters on warming soups and stews, hearty rice and grain dishes, decadent desserts and essential spice blends, this indispensable guide to Indian cooking is packed with options for every appetite and occasion. And once you experience how flavourful it is to cook with the Instant Pot, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!
Make amazing Indian favourites that taste like they’ve cooked all day in just a fraction of the time thanks to the Instant Pot and Vasanti’s flavourful recipes.
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