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Home Grown Gardening

Attracting Birds and Butterflies

Barbara Ellis

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Paperback (BC)
01 Mar 2020
Houghton Mifflin
272 pages - 231 x 185 x 17mm
Home Grown Gardening


In the eye of a bird or butterfly, the typical suburban landscape resembles an unfriendly desert. Closely mowed lawns, tightly clipped shrubs, raked-up borders, and deadheaded flowers mean no place to nest, no food to eat, and nowhere to hide. To the humans who live there, this means no bird songs, no colourful butterflies, no dazzling hummingbirds, no night-sparkling fireflies. Creating a garden that welcomes these creatures may seem like a confusing and complicated task, but the principles involved are relatively simple. Essentially, wildlife needs food, water, and shelter, just like we do, and this lavishly illustrated guide shows which plants attract which creatures, and how to plant and care for them.
Starting Seeds 9781612121055, Covering Ground 9781580176651 and How to Prune Trees and Shrubs 9781612125800
A quick-reference guide to attracting birds and butterflies for gardeners with little experience and time.
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