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Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale

Dan Dye, Mark Beckloff

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26 Jan 2007
256 pages - 178 x 135 x 19mm
Gracie was a deaf and partially blind albino Great Dane with a delicate constitution and a penchant for small miracles. Dan is the man - sad over the loss of his last dog and trapped in a dead-end job - who adopted her. Three Dog Bakery is the burgeoning and much-publicized chain of canine bakeries that, inspired by Gracie, Dan and his friend Mark founded. A love story, "Amazing Gracie" describes how Dan saves Gracie, the loneliest pup in the litter, then how, over the next ten years, Gracie saves Dan and Mark, teaching them the real meaning of happiness. There's the moment of meeting, when Gracie gets to her feet like a clumsy foal and nuzzles Dan's nose. Gracie's romance with the pint-size Boston Terrier next door, and the eureka moment (born of Gracie's anorexia-inducing dislike for commercial dog food): Dan teaches himself to cook and within three days, begins baking the dog cookies that will transform their lives. "Amazing Gracie" is a dog-lover's treat.

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