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A Tale of Two Besties: A Hello Giggles Novel

Sophia Rossi

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01 Jun 2015
288 pages - 210 x 140 x 20mm

Harper and Sophie have been best friends for forever. They also couldn’t be more different if they tried. It’s the start of freshman year, and Harper's headed to Beverly Hills High, while Sophie's enrolled at Pathways, an experimental new private school. It's the first time they'll ever be apart, but they're not sweating it. It’ll be like nothing ever changed!

But on the first day of school, effortlessly hip Harper makes zero friends and a ton of faux pas, while endearingly clueless Sophie has the Best Day Ever—in fact, she just might be the new queen bee of Pathways. Still, besties are forever! No obstacle is tricky enough to shake Harper and Sophie’s bond….Right?

Then, the unthinkable happens: Sophie forgets Harper's birthday. Now, for the first time ever, these BFFs are anything but. Can these two soul mates withstand their greatest test yet? Or will high school get the better of them after all?

A brand-new YA series about friendship with an intro from Zooey Deschanel!

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