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A Duke but No Gentleman

Alexandra Hawkins

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01 Aug 2015
304 pages - 173 x 104 x 20mm


The Duke of Blackbern and the Marquess Norgrave have always had the wildest of friendships. Best friends growing up, they bask in the pleasures the rich, opulent world that London has to offer, consuming drink and women at their leisure. But Norgrave has always been a step behind. Blackbern can best him at anything—playing cards, riding horses, and bedding women. So when the stunningly beautiful but innocent Lady Imogen Sunter strays across their path, both men agree a friendly competition for the lady's affections cannot hurt. But when Blackbern's feelings turn into something deeper and Lady Imogen's desire become clear, Norgrave will do anything to win the wager. Only one man can lay claim to Lady Imogen's heart…and one shocking act will change them all irrevocably…

The first novel in a brand-new, wickedly seductive Regency-romance series from bestselling author Alexandra Hawkins.

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