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The Giggle Gang

A Birthday for Cow!

Jan Thomas

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Hardback (BB)
01 Jul 2018
Houghton Mifflin
48 pages - 228 x 165 x 10mm
The Giggle Gang


Pig and Mouse are hard at work baking the best birthday cake EVER for Cow. But it would be a lot easier if Duck wasn’t hanging around, yammering on about turnips or some nonsense. (Sheesh!) With all this silliness going on, how will they manage to throw Cow a spectacular birthday party? Well, as it turns out, crazy Duck just might have had the right idea all along! Featuring wacky humour, rowdy repetitions, irreverent dialogue, and a hilarious twist at the end, this book is now available in an accessible reader-size format and is sure to have young readers laughing out loud!
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Perfect for fans of Elephant & Piggie, this beginning reader offers a laugh-out-loud story about birthday cakes, turnips . . . and friendship!
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