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50 Unbelievable Women and Their Fascinating (and True!) Stories

Saundra Mitchell

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01 Mar 2016
288 pages - 198 x 130 x 20mm

A collection of biographies of some of the most influential and intrepid women in history and today. From recognisable names like Tina Fey, Oprah, and the Notorious RBG, to lesser-known leading ladies like Wilma Mankiller, the first female chief of the Cherokee tribe, and Ellen Ochoa, a former astronaut and current director of the Johnson Space Center. Diversity of race and occupation are all covered here so that every reader will have the opportunity to identify directly with these fascinating individuals. To help engage readers, bonus content including activities, factoids, quizzes, and a glossary will make for an enhanced reading experience, and provide excellent ancillary materials for classrooms.

9780544439467 Mistwalker, 9780544302396 The Elementals

They Did WHAT?

A fun new paperback original nonfiction series. From world leaders to comediennes, and musicians to athletes, discover 50 diverse women who made their mark on history, a perfect Women’s History Month choice!

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