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20 Pounds Younger: The Life-Transforming Plan for a Fitter, Sexier You!

Michele Promaulayko, Laura Tedesco

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01 Jan 2015
288 pages - 232 x 165 x 25mm

Most women feel that dropping 20 pounds would land them in their perfect-body sweet
spot. Coincidentally, clinical research shows that losing 10 percent of one’s body weight—about 20 pounds for most people—results in instant health benefits: Blood pressure goes down; the heart becomes stronger and arteries, more flexible; the body metabolizes sugars more efficiently, reducing fatigue and boosting energy; muscle appears more toned; mood improves; and even eating habits change for the better simply because of weight loss. Skin and hair look healthier and younger, too.

Readers can achieve that kind of weight loss, and the anti-aging rewards that come with it, with the help of 20 Pounds Younger, a program designed by Women’s Health magazine’s top life stylists, the experts in integrative medicine, nutrition, strength training, meditation, and beauty who have helped Women’s Health editor-in-chief Michele Promaulayko optimize her health and fitness.

A proven plan to outsmart cravings, achieve lasting weight loss, and turn back the beauty clock. The comprehensive, total-body makeover offered by 20 Pounds Younger includes strength training; weight loss for foodies, focusing on nutrient-dense whole foods; stress reduction for the busy woman; and anti-aging strategies for natural beauty. The reader can expect to lose 20 pounds or more and build a fit, lean, healthy body that looks 5 to 10 years younger

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