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1,001 Paleo Recipes: The Ultimate Collection of Grain- and Gluten-Free Recipes to Meet Your Every Need

Arsy Vartanian

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Paperback (BC)
01 Feb 2021
Macmillan [1570]
554 pages - 228 x 178 x 30mm


This is a new edition of The Ultimate Paleo Cookbook with 100 additional recipes. Ten prominent Paleo practitioners come together to share their 1,000 favourite recipes. This collection has every recipe a Paleo cook could need - from crowd-pleasing Paleo meals to show-stopping appetisers and decadent desserts that won't derail a diet. The huge range of recipes will help readers avoid the temptations and convenience of dietary cheats, and because the recipes come from 11 different chefs, readers get a level of variety not found in any other Paleo cookbook. This collection will answer every need for Paleo dieters. It conveniently assembles a huge and wide ranging collection of recipes in one doorstop of a book with more than double the number of recipes than the other big books. It includes recipes for Paleo lunches, slow cookers, kids, large groups, easy weeknight dishes, budget-conscious meals and desserts, along with a range of Paleo main dishes. 1,001 Paleo Recipes will be the largest printed collection of Paleo recipes to-date. These recipes are sure to become classics as Paleo continues to become the lifestyle-of-choice for the world's most health-conscious cooks.
The Ultimate Paleo Cookbook 9781624141409 and The Paleo Foodie Cookbook 9781624144707
An incredible collection of recipes from eleven of the best-known bloggers in the Paleo community.
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